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What Printers Can I use?

Floato™ Photo Balloons are designed for use in inkjet printers only. Anagram is currently recommending, and will only support those customers who use, the following inkjet printer models:
  • Epson Workforce WF-7110
  • Canon Pixma Pro-100
  • Epson Stylus Pro 4900
  • Epson SureColor P5000


Why can’t I use other inkjet printer models to print Floato™ balloons?

Anagram tested a wide range of printer models during the development of Floato™ and discovered that some of the lower-priced inkjet printers have guide wheels that create tiny pinholes in the balloon that cause the balloon to lose helium and “go soft” within 24 hours.

It is impossible to test all of the available printer models, so after extensive testing, we now recommend two printer models we determined provide high-quality printing, durability and cost-effectiveness.

You are welcome to experiment with Floato™ in other inkjet printer models. We found that Floato™ printed without mishap in a lot of other inkjet printers, but that some printers caused the damage to the balloon noted previously.

If you wish to test another printer, simply set the printer preferences as directed in the Instructions, print the balloon, then inflate it with helium and let it float for several days.

If the Floato™ balloon still looks firm after 4 days you have a winner – and Anagram would love to hear about it! If you want to test another printer, 3 features are critical:

• The printer must be an inkjet printer.
• The printer must accept A3+ paper size.
• The printer must have a custom setting that will accommodate thicker paper (Prevent Paper Abrasion is typical).

Please note that if you print Floato™ balloons in other than the recommended printer models, Anagram will assume no responsibility or liability for the results, which could include damage to the printer, or the balloon, or both.



Can I use a laserjet printer to print Floato™ balloons?

No, you cannot print Floato™ balloons in a laserjet printer. Laserjet printers produce heat that will damage the balloon, which may damage the printer, as a result.