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We all need to care for the planet. To live in harmony with the environment around us, our teams are focused on finding new and improved ways to reduce carbon emissions from our manufacturing and are working to minimize waste.

Our stewardship includes use of energy efficient LED lighting as well as state-of-the-art heat recovery and air emission equipment. We recycle materials used in manufacturing processes including all solvents, corrugate, inks and metals.

Learn more about how we are reducing our environmental footprint and encouraging responsible use to create a better world.

  • Reducing Environmental Footprint
  • Creating a Better World
  • Encouraging Responsible Use
  • Reducing Environmental Footprint

    Reducing Environmental Footprint

    Our teams are finding improved ways to reduce manufacturing carbon emissions and minimize waste. We’re proud of creating product lines that decrease impact on natural resources including balloons that use up to 40% less helium to inflate. We’ve redesigned product packaging with less material, incorporated recyclable paper and introduced recyclable paper straws for balloon inflation.

    Our environmental stewardship includes use of energy efficient LED lighting, state-of-the-art heat recovery and air emission equipment. We recycle manufacturing materials including all solvents, corrugate, inks and metals.

    As a global industry leader, it’s important to us to partner exclusively with supply chains that share our commitment to green initiatives which has enabled us to reduce material use by 20% for our worldwide market.

    Did You Know?

    Foil balloons can be air-filled as an alternative to helium for decoration!

  • Creating a Better World

    Creating a Better World

    Community involvement is a powerful way to bring about change. We support cleanup and conservation efforts including our partnership with Wounded Nature – Working Veterans, a nonprofit that works with veteran and non-veteran volunteers to clean up rural coastal areas that other nonprofits can’t reach to return them to their original pristine condition.

    Our charitable giving enables us to contribute in a meaningful way to bring joy to deserving organizations including children’s hospitals, Toys for Tots, schools, Feed My Starving Children among others. It’s our way to create a better world.

  • Encouraging Responsible Use

    Encouraging Responsible Use

    Since everything that goes up must eventually come down, we support the promotion of balloon best practices that includes encouraging the non-release of balloons as well as responsible use and disposal. Learn more.

    We align with industry groups The Balloon Council and the European Balloon and Party Council to encourage customers to use balloon weights and enjoy balloons safely.