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retail solutions

anagram is dedicated to filling your balloon displays with the consumer excitement that will increase sales

retail gallery

Here are some examples of well-executed in-store merchandising displays.  If you have a great merchandising solution that increased balloon sales in your store - or stores - we would love to see it!

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helium calculator

We've made it easy for you to calculate just how much it will cost to fill any Anagram balloon. Enter the size of your helium tank in cubic feet, the cost of your tank (USD) and the item number, which is listed above the UPC barcode on your packaged Anagram product or above the UPC barcode on any Anagram unpackaged balloon. Hit calculate and we'll do the hard part for you! 
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balloon merchandising guide

Download our balloon merchandising guide for the details on...

  • balloon formats
  • film types
  • balloon inflation
  • ribbon attachment
  • weight attachment
  • Airwalker® Inflation
  • balloon merchandising
  • helium chart
  • FAQs

download PDF