custom balloons

The possibilities are endless - we can manufacture virtually ANY shape or design imaginable

A custom-designed Anagram balloon is the perfect choice for your point-of-purchase displays, local or national event, seasonal extravaganza, corporate event, or branding initiative. Anagram balloons make an instant visual impact and fill the atmosphere with excitement and anticipation. Unique shapes, unusual characters and striking images... Anagram balloons simply get more attention.

custom balloons

Discover the versatility of these "mobile signs" to draw attention to your message, brand, product, or service that today's busy shopper simply can't miss.

Your promotion demands something spectacular to break through the clutter.  We've helped companies move monstrous amounts of Halloween candy and Super Bowl beer and launched new products from cookies to cars.  We can't wait to show you what we can do for your brand.

Imagine your message, logo, mascot, school, club, assocation, product or brand floating above the crowd like a magic billboard.  Now that's exposure! 

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