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Good vibes, great balloons

Create a kid-friendly version of Coachella with girl-powered décor

Kids, tweens and teens always are quick to pick up on the latest trends in adult music, fashion and decorating, so it’s no surprise that they’re asking for their own “Girl-chella” versions of parties inspired by the annual music and art festival held each year in California’s Coachella Valley. If you want to get in on this trend, this new line from Anagram plays off the distinctive patterns, artwork and fashion that regularly debut at one of the biggest and most influential music festivals in the world.


While the event has been cancelled due to pandemic concerns, its influence has made a strong impact on today’s young girls, who gravitate toward the flowy, carefree, pastel look that’s been a key part of the “happenings” in the past. Not just a music scene (although it certainly is that), Coachella includes plenty of trend-setting art installations that have set the tone for the freshest and newest ways forward in visual design.

Now Anagram is bringing that exciting vibe and carefree energy to your customers, with a “Girl-chella” lineup of premium foil balloons in distinctive colors and designs that are down with dull and up with joy. You’ll even find the iconic Ferris Wheel that fills social media feeds each year. We’ve used Coachella as an inspiration for a theme that’s totally age-appropriate for younger girls who want a free-flowing boho vibe that meets them where they are right now.

It’s easy to create at-home installations of helium-filled balloons paired with air-filled balloons, which creates different décor heights for more party dimension. (Fun fact: did you know that air filling foil balloons is easy and that balloons can be deflated and reused?) With those air-filled balloons and some well-positioned tape, precise balloon positioning is a breeze. An all-foil display creates more shine and pop than balloons made from latex, and your “Girl-chella” foils will add glamour, shimmer and shine to the social media moments surrounding a very special birthday.

If you’d like to create something with this look but need a little help, just contact a professional balloon decorator. That decorator will be happy to work with you on personalized décor that will be the perfect “good vibes only” backdrop for a time-of-her-life birthday celebration. 

We’re here to help you make a statement and add an exclamation mark to your special day. If you’d like to create a display like the one featured here, you’ll need a variety of small, medium and large balloons. Mix it up as much as you’d like, since using a number of different shapes, sizes and colors will give your wall the maximum visual impact. If you’d like, using a handheld balloon air pump or electric balloon air inflator can help you fill balloons quickly. And we always recommend using Joe’s Sticky Stuff to attach balloons easily without damaging paint.

Once your balloon masterpiece installation is in place, be sure to tag @anagramballoons to show us how that unique vibe created more magic moments on a special day.