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Wall Heart & Balloon Art


This is the year to go big on Valentine’s Day. Why settle for a regular-sized greeting card when you can transform a blank wall into a stupendously sized balloon heart? It’s a work of holiday art that says “I love you” in the grandest way possible. Best of all, a balloon wall heart is super-simple to create in just about three hours. Enlist some helping hands for the project, and you can get the job done even faster.

You don’t even need helium-filled balloons to pull this off, because air-filled balloons are all that’s required. Best of all, an automatic pump or balloon inflator will save your lips for more important things later. 😊

And if you’ve fallen in love with these adorable sample shots but are thinking, “There is no way I have time to do this myself,” no worries. Contact a professional balloon decorator, who’ll work with you on a custom balloon wall that’s a bold and beautiful backdrop for your special Valentine’s Day celebration.

What’s required:

Step 1: Inflate balloons
Use a handheld balloon air pump or an electric balloon air inflator to speed things along (no helium necessary!). Tape down balloons tails with transparent tape. 

Step 2: Create balloon anchor points
Using Joe’s Sticky Stuff, begin with the largest balloons and affix Cubez, Diamondz or Orbz shaped balloons to the wall. Distributing them at the point where the top arches, the top of each heart arch, and at the bottom of the heart.

Step 3: Fill in the heart
Add medium-sized balloons next, then fill in with smaller balloons. Pro tip: it’s easier to get a balloon in place if you put it right next to one of those larger anchor points. 

Step 4: Add flowers
Once balloons are attached to the wall, add decorative flowers to fill any gaps between balloons.

Step 5: Go the distance
Step back and take in the whole picture. Are there any gaps? Places you’d like to rearrange? Get everything just the way you like it, then get ready to snap some shots for posterity – and Instagram.

Feeling inspired to pull off this look for yourself? We’re here to help you make a statement and add an exclamation mark to your special day. Be sure to tag @anagramballoons to show us your wow-worthy wall. And have a happy Valentine’s Day!