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Cats, Dogs + Kisses at DIY Kissing Booth


When you’re ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, don’t forget the pet who’s been by your side (or on the couch) these past months. Since it turns out that pets are the recipients of 27% of all Valentine’s Day purchases, a few photos in the kissing booth might make things even sweeter for your furry friend.

Can you capture some other kisses at this Insta-ready group? Yes! But keep safety in mind 😊. Of course, your S/O would love to be puckering up with you, on camera or off, at this festive installation. Encourage the kids to bring along their favorite stuffed pets to get in on the PDA.

The sky’s the limit for creativity when creating this photo backdrop that’s colorfully decorated with air-filled balloons. Add to the visual impact by wearing whimsical, color-themed outfits that really make the pictures pop. Our downloadable template and step-by-step instructions make your big Valentine’s DIY project super-easy. While the final results look very professional, this project comes together quickly once the template is printed. Adding decorative flair with air-filled balloons — no helium required — is the *chef’s kiss* final touch.

If you’re ready to take the fun to a higher level but just don’t have the time right now, there’s an easy solution. Just contact a professional balloon decorator for even more ways to use balloons as part of your Valentine’s Day celebration.

What’s required:  

Step 1: Create the Valentine’s Balloon Kissing Booth 
Download the template and have it printed on heavy material on a large format printer (available at a local print shop, FedEx Kinkos or Office Depot). Assemble booth in front of a blank wall or place booth in front of an assortment of helium inflated balloons at different heights as a backdrop for your photos.

Step 2: Add balloons
Inflate with air and seal balloons, then affix to the booth with transparent tape.

Step 3: Take those pictures
Let the kissing begin! Snap some cute shots right away, and be sure to load them onto your social media feed while the night is still young.

How will your kissing booth photos turn out? Which pet is ready for American’s Next Top Pet Model? We can’t wait to see them, so be sure to tag @anagramballoons when you’re posting photos on your social feed. And happy Valentine’s Day!


Download the Template