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How can you make your Holiday 2020 photo cards special this year?

Creating the perfect Holiday Card can be daunting, especially in 2020.   Traditional approaches using a shopping mall Santa or professional family photo are likely to be replaced with home photos and parents are looking for fun and inexpensive ways to make those photos special. 

For the young – and young at heart - few things create joy like balloons. B2 Photography owner Becky Radtke shares “Kids love balloons and having them as part of the (photo studio) set has given me some great shots and authentic moments for family Christmas cards.”


Creating a balloon tree is easy using a sisal tree as frame. See our decorating guide for the “how to”.
Make a balloon tree to add photo dimension and texture by using a variety of different balloon shapes and sizes.
  • Nest and layer balloons using a tape adhesive. Fill in white space with smaller balloons to create a unique festive look.
Create magic with a foil curtain, a Christmas Tree AirLoonz, and our inflatable lights!
Light up the scene with Christmas Light Bulb balloons and our AirLoonz Christmas Tree Greeter
  • Available as single Christmas Light Bulb Standard XL balloons or come as a set of 4 in the Christmas Light Bulb Decorator Kit.
  • Christmas Light Bulb balloons can be filled with air and hung from the ceiling or used on the floor to help set the scene. 
  • Our AirLoonz Christmas Tree Greeter is the perfect holiday decor – as a photo prop or room decoration. These large-scale balloons are AIR-filled with only 2 inflation points. They come in a variety of holiday icons including Snowman, Nutcracker and Bubbly Wine Bottle.


Wrap Anagram Ultrashape Cubez square shaped balloons with different colored ribbons to look like presents ready to be opened.


B2 Photography often uses air filled balloons to create a simple backdrop with a festive flair.
Did you know that foil balloons can be reused?

When you fill balloons with air, they last a long time and can be refreshed with a straw or hand pump. Carefully insert into the valve and add a little more air.  “People don’t realize that balloons can be reused and refreshed ...using air keeps your balloons looking great even longer” says Mary Adams, Director of Marketing.   Unlike latex balloons, air filled foil balloons can last for weeks adding to your home décor.  

To fill, use air as helium filled balloons sway with natural air currents and are hard to control for the perfect shot.   Most party and grocery stores have cool air machines or inexpensive balloon pumps to help create the magic. 

How to Make an Easy Balloon Wall

Creating a balloon wall is something anyone easily do at home to bring the fun.  With so many different balloon themes, shapes and sizes from which to choose, select a few shaped balloons (like the Santa ’s Sleigh SuperShape & the Adorable Reindeer SuperShape XL) and complete the look by filling in with different colors and shapes like circles, hearts and stars.  Go simple or all out for a great look!

Using adhesive tape such as Clik-Clik Balloon Tape or Joe’s Sticky Stuff will stick the balloons securely to the wall and be easy to remove. 

And it’s not just parents looking for fresh ideas, making a personal statement is important to adults too!  Whether sharing the traditional way through printed cards or posting on social media, a balloon backdrop will help you connect to friends and family in a way that’s unique to you!

Since snowflakes are as unique as people are, have fun creating your own Snowflake theme.  With so many different types of Snowflakes available, just add some other decorative elements like tinsel or pom poms for a look that’s all your own!

Winter XMas Image
Our snowflake theme was designed for people to share their wishes.

Download FREE Winter + Christmas Decorating Guide

For these recipes download our Holiday Decorating Guide.  Want to go all out and create something over the top? There are balloon decorators all over the world eager to help you with your vision – just search online to find a professional near you.  



We’d love to see what you create so tag us when you share your photos on social media: @anagramballoons
Happy holidays, happy decorating and let’s get those photos going!

About B2 Photography

Natural light photographer Becky Radtke, based out of Winnipeg, Canada knows how important it is to create memories through photos and have something tangible to remember special moments. She loves sharing special experiences with people…falling in love, welcoming new babies and the fun little moments that make up everyday life.